Leadership Scholars, a Cincinnati nonprofit, enlists and empowers parents to become a catalyst for their children to attend and graduate college. Founded on the belief that EVERY CHILD DESERVES A QUALITY EDUCATION to realize their full potential, the end-goal of Leadership Scholars is to increase the number of more highly educated individuals in our city, regardless of socioeconomic status.


We focus on parents (or any dedicated significant adult in a child’s life) and emphasize two key areas of expertise to parents:

  • College Readiness: practices centered on academic success

  • Success Mindset: social and emotional behavioral strategies integral to navigating emotions and building relationships

We equip parents with the knowledge and tools to “wake up” their brains and practice ways to help their children improve focus & learning, and instill self-awareness and esteem.

Well beyond the critical academic skills, we teach them how to integrate meditation, mindfulness, grit (hard work), gratitude, optimism and empathy into daily living.

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