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333 Madison Avenue
Covington, KY, 41011
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Leadership Scholars, a Cincinnati nonprofit, enlists and empowers parents to become a catalyst for their children to attend and graduate college. Founded on the belief that EVERY CHILD DESERVES A QUALITY EDUCATION to realize their full potential, the end-goal of Leadership Scholars is to increase the number of more highly educated individuals in our city, regardless of socioeconomic background, and to significantly reduce poverty. 

Parent Academy

 “Anytime you help a parent try to be a better parent, it leads to better student performance.” –Jack Jose, Principal, Gamble Montessori

“Anytime you help a parent try to be a better parent, it leads to better student performance.”
–Jack Jose, Principal, Gamble Montessori


Leadership Scholars Parent Academy

This eight-week comprehensive program is designed to empower parents, or any significant adult in a child’s life, with proven strategies and tools to support strong academic, social & emotional development of their children. With the ultimate goal of helping their children attend and graduate college, it offers methods to lend support at home, in the classroom, and for parents to better interact with their child’s school. 

The program provides pertinent knowledge and information on College Readiness, academic “best practices,” gaining college admission, and navigating financial aid. It also integrates social/emotional skills through neuroscience-based practices and methods designed to improve focus and social intelligence. 

We know if parents partner with their children through grades 9-12 utilizing the Parent Academy approach, their students will be in the best position, academically and personally, to earn college admission and potentially even earn scholarship opportunities.  

Collaboration with principals, teachers, and schools is key to the program’s success. Leadership Scholars has already gained the support and endorsement of many schools in the city, but funding the program in order to have the greatest impact is an ongoing need. One of the many unique features of the program, which adds cost, is how Leadership Scholars engages and supports parents, eliminating barriers to participate in the course. If needed, we will provide transportation for the parent and their children, meals, and accommodations for evening homework or recreation while the parent is in class. We aim to make all facets of the program as easy and productive as possible. 


  • Early Learning Center Bond Hill
  • City Link Center
  • Christ Emmanuel Christian Fellowship
  • New Mission Baptist Church
  • Truth and Destiny United Church of Christ
  • Life Learning Center, Covington
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