This eight-week comprehensive program is designed to empower parents, or any significant adult in a child’s life, with proven strategies and tools to support strong academic, social & emotional development of their children. With the ultimate goal of helping their children attend and graduate college.


What you will Learn

College Readiness

Academic Best Practices

Gaining College Admission

Navigating Financial Aid

Social/Emotional Skills to Improve Focus and Social Intelligence


Social & Emotional Mindset Outline:

  1. Mindfulness

  2. Grit

  3. Positive Outlook

  4. Social Intelligence

College Readiness Outline:

  1. Importance of Grades

  2. High School Curriculum

  3. SAT/ACT Scores

  4. College Admission & Financial Aid

  5. Parent/Teacher Meetings

  6. Mentoring

  7. Elementary Teacher Training

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