The Parent Academy uses one of the most well-researched parent programs in the country – the Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) – as a fundamental part of the program’s content foundation. PIQE has proven successful with the parents of more than 1.5 million children nationwide.

Leadership Scholars has the exclusive license to deliver the PIQE curriculum in the Tristate. Children of these PIQE parents had significantly higher rates of high-school graduation, college attendance and lower dropout rates. 

Additionally, Leadership Scholars further enhances this approach by integrating tested non-cognitive tools designed to improve student's social and emotional well-being, and their ability to focus. These methods are endorsed by leading psychologists, academics, and experts in developmental behavior and neuroplasticity. These practices, rooted in science are the keys to how successful the program is on all fronts, at home, in the classroom and beyond. We conduct rigorous evaluation and metrics on parent attitudes, knowledge and behaviors and the results are significant...

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