Lesson 1: 

Breathing Mindfulness Practice


Cincinnati Pride Grant

The University of Cincinnati's Pride Grant, in combination with federal, state, and institutional aid, equals the full cost of tuition and a book allowance for those graduates of Cincinnati Public Schools who might not otherwise be able to afford a college education.



Neuroplasticity: Learning Physically Changes the Brain

How lessons and experiences can shape and grow your students' brains over time.

The Real Value Of Practice

Amazing before-and-after drawings demonstrate the value of practice.



Explains how our most complex organ is capable of changing throughout our lives.

The adult brain is more dynamic than we ever imagined!

A full-length documentary.



You Can Grow Your Intelligence

New research shows the brain can be developed like a muscle.

Effective Effort Rubric

This rubric assesses the learning process—the effective effort that a learner applies.


Growth Mindset Videos

Where do mindsets come from? What is the role of motivation in learning? How do mindsets affect students' achievements?

Two ways to think about a problem that's slightly too hard for you to solve.

A short animation explaining the theory of growth and fixed mindsets.

Growth versus fixed mindset.

Beyond helping your kids be successful in the things that matter most to them, the growth mindset leads to happier kids.

What is a Growth Mindset? 

The beliefs children have about intelligence, effort, and struggle impact the choices they make about learning.


Mindset: the new psychology of success 

World-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck, in decades of research on achievement and success, has discovered a truly groundbreaking idea—the power of our mindset.

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